Budget Accommodation

The ROC/LOC have organized for another set of accommodation packages targeting delegates who wish to be accommodated on a low budget (Hotel/ Hostel). Delegates are welcomed to consider this as an alternative option.

These set of accommodations are to be booked for the six days of the world congress. Unfortunately, you can't book for more or less days using the world congress negotiated rates.

Official Check in Date: Monday 19th June 2023

Official Check out Date: Sunday 25th June 2023

Kindly note:

  • If you are to spend extra days in these set of accommodations, you will have to make a private arrangement with the hotel/ hostel while you are there.
  • Click on the hotel names listed on the table to view their websites before booking.
  • The ROC/LOC has made reservations in these hotels at the negotiated rates to make them affordable to our delegates during the entire time of the world congress. Hence you can't book them directly except through us.
  • Use the green button above to book your choice hotel/ hostel.

Payment for the Low-cost Accommodation

After booking online, in order to avoid excess transaction cost during booking, we encourage delegates to pay for the low-cost accommodation packages via their national fellowships/ Associations after booking on the website. Payment can also be done on arrival at the registration desk. We will only accept this option(paying on arrival)as booking from people who have a proof of full registration for the congress.

To make it easier, we recommend countries to adopt a specific hotel/ hostel for their delegates

The negotiated rates for both hotels and hostels will cater for both Bed & Breakfast. Most of these facilities are within 2km radius (Walking Distance) from the Arusha International Conference Center which is the venue of the conference.


Options for bookings are:

Single occupancy room: This refers to one person per room, regardless of bed type(Queen, double, single bed)

Double Occupancy room: This refers to 2 people sharing one bed(couple).

Twin occupancy room: Refers to 2 singles separate beds in one room(Delegates of the same gender)

Triple Occupancy room: Refers to 3 singles separates beds in the single room(Delegates of the same gender)

Dormitory/Hostel type room: Refers to 3-6 beds in form of deckers (bank bed). Delegates of the same gender.

Each hotel has different room configuration. So when booking, delegates are advised to confirm numbers of people they are booking for per room in each hotel/hostel.

Should you book alone, we can pair you with someone else unless you choose to be alone in which case you will have to pay the cost of the entire room as expected.

Booking Deadline

All Bookings MUST be done on or before 30th May 2023. Any rooms in the above listed hotels that shall not have been booked via our website will be released back to the hotels. If anyone has to book after the deadline, they have to book directly to the hotel.

Kindly note the current negotiated prices may not apply when booking directly.

Cancelation Policy

Cancelation policy differs from one facility to another. Hence we highly advice delegates to familiarize with the specific policy of a particular hotel before booking.

Corridor Springs Hotel 91$35
Premier Palace Hotel 80$10.5