Graduate Pre-Conference Streams

The following streams will run in parallel with the Student Conference from 14:00 on Tuesday 20 June and finishing at 13:00 on Thursday 22 June. Each stream will have eight sessions with evenings free for networking and socialising. Most streams will join the Student Conference in sessions 1, 3 and 7 for the Bible Readings.

Please sign up for one of the following pre-conference programs. Details of content will follow.

  1. Advocacy (Moderator: Dr Jeff Barrows)
  2. Becoming a Surgical Educator - PAACS (Moderator: Keir Thelander)
  3. Bioethics (Moderator: Prof John Wyatt)
  4. Christian Healthcare Leadership (Moderator: John Greenall)
  5. Faculty Development for Family Medicine Training (Moderator: Dr Rebekah Zechariah)
  6. Healthcare Missions (Moderator: Dr Victor Fredlund)
  7. PRIME – Teaching as Jesus Taught (Moderator: Dr Rob Sadler)
  8. The Saline Process (Moderator: Dr Latha Mathew)
  9. Saline Process Training the Trainers (Moderator: Dr Latha Mathew)
  10. Strengthening Your National Movement (Moderator: Dr Peter Saunders)