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Engaging in Christian Advocacy in Today’s World

Both the Old and New Testaments reflect God’s concern for justice and His commands for us to achieve justice in our respective spheres of influence. Justice can be achieved through the direct assistance of the vulnerable and needy among us. Justice can also be achieved through engagement within the public square through legislative advocacy or public discussions.

This pre-conference will explore various examples of Christian advocacy surrounding critical issues of the 21st Century, including the beginning and end of life, the emerging issue of transgenderism, and global healthcare issues that affect vulnerable populations.


Dr Jeff Barrows

Senior Vice President of Bioethics and Public Policy, CMDA US.
Advocacy Stream Moderator


Dr Yared Mekonen

Stream Speaker

Dr Calum Miller

Breakout & Stream Speaker

Dr Mark Pickering

Breakout Speaker
Topics: Answering difficult questions & Role of partnership in serving God

Prof John Whitehall

Breakout Speaker,
Topic: Handling gender dysphoria in children

Dr Stephen Muhudhia

Breakout Speaker,
Topic: Duty of Care Vs The right of the Caregiver

Larry Worthen

Plenary Speaker.
Executive Director, CMDA Canada.

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