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Strengthening Your National Movement

The mission of ICMDA is ‘to start and strengthen national associations of Christian doctors and dentists’. The key to achieving this is through mentoring, developing and training national leaders. The national groups within ICMDA range from just a few dozen to several thousand members in size, but all are seeking to develop their ministries and grow.

ICMDA has developed an organisational development programme called LAVERCROSS (based on our logo) with training tracks designed to help develop national movements in the following ten areas: Leadership, Advocacy, Volunteers, Evangelism, Resources, Corporate governance, Regional partnerships, Outreach and mission, Students and young professionals, Support and fellowship.

This preconference stream is aimed at national leadership teams and will be interactive with short talks, panel discussions and small group work focusing on how we can grow our national movements to be more effective in uniting and equipping Christian doctors and dentists to live and speak for Jesus Christ.



Dr Peter Saunders

Breakout Speaker.

Dr Alex Bolek

Breakout Speaker

Dr Augustin Lutakwa

World Congress Director & ICMDA AEO for Sub-Saharan Africa

Dr Daniel Ojuka

Breakout speaker
Topic: Spiritual formation for medical personnel

Dr Hedwin Kadrianto

Breakout Speaker.
Partnering with other Christian Healthcare groups

Dr Mark Pickering

Breakout Speaker
Topics: Answering difficult questions & Role of partnership in serving God

Dr Mike Chupp

Plenary Speaker.

Mr Josh Mills

ICMDA Administrator

Stream schedule: